When I enrolled in Ameriplan,  Michael was working full-time as a civil engineer and I was a stay at home mom.   

The reason I joined Ameriplan was because my dream was to be able to generate income from the comfort of my home.  That way I didn't  have to put the  children in daycare.   The thought of me giving my children to a stranger so I can go and make other people's dreams come true was not an option for me.  I was also tired of watching Michael work over 50 hours a week.  I wanted  to bring him home and I wanted our children  to have both of us at home raising them.

Michael and I also  wanted financial freedom and we knew that in life there are two choices.  You can either work and make your dreams come true or  you can work and make  other people's dreams come true.  We were tired of watching other people win so we were prepared to work the business no matter how long it took.  We wanted to be financially free and Ameriplan was the answer.  

So, we got busy and started working on our dream. We believe in the company. Ameriplan is a solid company that is debt free and has incredible credentials.

We believe in the compensation plan.  We love the compensation plan.  We can receive daily, weekly, or monthly commission checks, plus bonuses and we can build residual income.  

We believe in the opportunity.  There are so many testimonials of ordinary people succeeding in AmeriPlan, so I knew if they did it, I could too.

We believe in the services.  Ameriplan truly has a service that people need and it is affordable.  We don't have to convince people to buy expensive products.  We are in the business of helping people save money and I know that people love to save money.

We worked the business consistently and in a few short years, all of our dreams have come true. 
So if your dream and passion is to work from the comfort of your home and  create part time or full time income and create that incredible lifestyle that you and your family  deserve, don't let anyone tell you that it can't be done because it CAN.

We, along with  The National Sales Directors  from the Freedom at Home Team are listed on the left hand side.  We are all building our dreams with this amazing company. Feel free to click on their picture and read their stories.

Our passion is to help people find their freedom at home.  That is what gets us up early in the morning and why we work late at night.   Money is not what motivates us.  Giving people a better life is what drives us.    Sure, money is important but it shouldn't be your main focus. 

You will find that The Freedom at Home Team  is a group of caring people that has an anamazing giving spirit and you will hear that when you join our conference calls.

You will also hear  from the  National Sales Directors, and other people on this team, their passion for this business.   We absolutely love to help people save  money on their benefits and we are driven to help people work at home.    We love to pour "hope" into people and you will not hear any hype in this organization.

We are excited that you found Ameriplan and our team.    People from this  team are bypassing corporate executive salaries, being featured in work at home magazines and  are firing their bosses!   We have many ordinary people  (just like you) that are doing extraordinary things with this company.  You will see this everyday as you start receiving emails from our team.

If your  feeling excited, overwhelmed, and a little nervous about getting started.  We all know that feeling and it's  normal to feel that way. After all, this business is brand new to you.  However,  I promise you that every day that passes by, you will start feeling more comfortable and you will love this business as well! 

Be patient with your business and don't be too hard on yourself.  The first weeks you will be going thru a learning curve.  It's just a process we all go  thru.    What I sometimes see is that people start their business  and want to know everything right way and that can create frustation.

Just know that you made the right choice.  This industry will never let you down. The people that fail are the ones that quit or lose their focus. 

Success will happen but it will not happen overnight. This is not a get rich quick scheme.   The good news is that we know this business works. There are so many people in our organization that started this business just like you and have achieved $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000  and beyond in lifetime residual income.

You can also achieve the income you desire.  We have all the tools and training you need.  It's all here for you.  All you need to do is set a schedule and work your Ameriplan business consistently.  It is also very important that you attend the  training calls and alway stay in contact with your enroller.

So, relax, take a deep breath and have fun.   Get excited and love  your business and love what you do.   If you love what you do, success will always follow.  

Now,  success will come  but it will take some work. However,  the way I look at it.   We are going to be working anyway, might as well build this business today so in a few years we will be celebrating oppose to regretting.  Just like the Ameriplan song goes... " 2 to 4 years is not alot to ask to do whatever you want for the rest of your life".

Will you run into obsticles or hit walls?  This a business and when you start a business, everyone, and I do  mean EVERYONE, makes mistakes and hits "walls".  This goes for myself and everyone else who's making a considerable income.  Stand by your WHY!  And be consistent in action and purpose.  Do something every day to grow your business and keep moving forward no matter what.  Become unstoppable and you will get there.  Build a strong foundation by asking questions of your upline.  We're here to serve you and your growth.

Michael and I have  built an income of  over $450,000.00 (and growing) by working consistently.   We're certainly not any different than you are.   If this stay at home mom can do it, don't you think you can too? 

We look forward to helping you find your freedom at home.
Janie and Michael Jones, National Vice Presidents

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Welcome To Our Family -
The Freedom at Home Team
I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Janie Jones and my husband's name is Michael Jones.  We both work for Ameriplan full-time from the comfort of our home since 2004 and we absolutely love it!